Thursday, October 16, 2003
Priority Ones

1. Project: Applegate shirt
For: Me
Status: Nearly finished (button band and neck need to be re-knit)
Start date: 1 April 2003

2. Project: Cashmerino Cardigan
For: Me
Status: Nearly finished (needs to be seamed and button bands need to be put on)
Start date: 30 August 2003

3. Project: Emerald Isle Cable Pullover
For: Me
Status: barely started
Start date: 9 October 2003

4. Project: Doll Sweater and Pants
For: Youngest Niece
Status: Pants finished, sweater in pieces and needs button bands
Start date: October 2002

5. Project: Hat
For: Little big-man
Status: Thinking stages
Start date: n/a

6. Project: Hat
For: School administrators who gave me bags of wool from their sheep
Status: Yarn is handspun, hat pattern is in thinking stages
Start date: n/a (the yarn's been spun for over a year)

7. Project: Out-on-a Whim beaded bag
For: Me
Status: 5 out of 7 panels are knit and waiting to be put together
Start date: December 2001

8. Project: Top-down raglan
For: My sister
Status: waiting on 1 sleeve and need to knit a neck band
Start date: spring 1999

9. & 10. Project: Xmas stockings
For: Sassy and Little big-man
Status: I have yarn for Sassy's, I'm thinking entrelac stockings
Start date: n/a

11. 12. & 13. Project: ChrisTmas scarves
For: Jacki, Genni, Gessi
Status: Genni's is done, Jacki's is 1/2 way
Start date: 14 November 2003

Priority Twos
14. Project: Diagonal Scarf
For: No idea
Status: have accumulated the yarn (Mountain Colors)
Start date: n/a

15. Project: Gloves
For: Me
Status: I bought the yarn in Grand Rapids, still in the thinking stages
Start date: n/a

16. Project: Hat
For: Sassy
Status: Bought the yarn at Stitches East last October
Start date: n/a

17. Project: Hoodie
For: Sassy
Status: bought the yarn in Boston in September
Start date: n/a

18. Project: Poncho
For: Youngest niece
Status: spinning project - still have the roving in my studio, bought it in February 2002
Start date: n/a

19. Project: Scarf
For: no idea
Status: have the yarn (eyelash and mohair), not much thinking to do - it's a garter stitch thingie
Start date: n/a

20. 21. 22. & 23. Project: Socks
For: Me
Status: have yarn for 4 pairs of Koigu socks: purple, black, orange, unknown
Start date: n/a

24. Project: Nancy Bush socks
For: no idea
Status: started them for a class I took on a cruise - 1 sock is almost finished
Start date: August 2001

25. Project: Philosopher's Wool Sweater
For: Me
Status: thinking about - my mother-in-law gave me this kit in October 2002
Start date: n/a

Priority Threes
26. Project: Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina Jacket
For: Me
Status: holding pattern

27. Project: Dale Nagano Olympic Sweater
For: Hub
Status: holding pattern
Start date: I did a swatch about 6 months ago - that counts right? (he received the kit as a Xmas present back in 2001)

28. Project: On the Button Pendant Bag
For: no idea
Status: holding pattern (I still need the perle cotton for this beading project)

29. 30. 31. & 32. Project: Socks
For: Me
Status: yarn in hand from Schaeffer yarns, Australian Merino, Limbo, gorgeous stuff from I don't remember the company name
Status: holding pattern

33. Project: Socks
For: Sassy
Status: holding pattern while she decides whether she wants fancy or plain socks

34. Project: Socks
For: Co-worker who can't wear wool
Status: she just received 2 pair, she can wait for the other 3 pair

35. Project: Socks
For: Hunting friend who felts my socks
Status: these are always on-going, but they hurt my hands, so right now they're on haitus

36. Project: Socks
For: no idea
Status: yarn in hand, waiting for the right person to wear them

37. Project: Sweater
For: Me
Status: a few years ago, I did a couple of models for Lorna's Laces, in exchange I received 8 skeins of Lion and Lamb in a beautiful charcoal brown; I'm thinking about what to do with this

38. Project: Sweater
For: Me
Status: bought School Products cashmere at Stitches East
Start date: started swatching in October 2002 - haven't come up with anything else yet

39. Project: Nut Border Cardigan, by Sasha Kagan in Interweave Knits Winter 2003
For: Me
Status: bought a kilo of Polworth roving at SOAR, October 2003 as well as the accent colors called for; I'm spinning now (slowly)

Priority Fours
40. Project: Self designed aran
For: Me
Status: have 4 different colors of Jamieson's that I bought a couple of months ago, haven't touched them since I rolled them into balls

41. Project: Bay Tank of 1824 Wool
For: Me
Status: have had the yarn since last spring

42. Project: Boiled Wool-type Jacket
For: Me
Status: spinning project - I have 3 pounds of orange swirl roving in my studio and a pattern I think will work well with it

43. Project: Cuff-to-Cuff Sweater
For: Me
Status: spinning project - I participated in a roving exchange with my spinning guild (October 2003)

44. Project: Scarf
For: no idea
Status: bought 2 skeins of the new Adrian Vittadini Nadia yarn last month (September 2003)

45. Project: Shawl
For: no idea
Status: bought fingering weight yarn from Meg Swanson at least a year ago (spring 2002)

46. Project: Shell
For: Me
Status: just bought the yarn in Boston in September 2003

47. Project: Sweater
For: Cameron
Status: tried to knit this on my ancient knitting machine and got tired of the process
Start date: Fall 2002

48. Project: Roving
For: no idea
Status: 1.5 pounds of brown (wool) and gold (silk noil)

49. Project: Roving
For: no idea
Status: 2 pounds of silvery white cashmere and silk mix

50. Project: Shawl
For: no idea
Status: bought a kilo of yarn in Lisbon, September 2003
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